Got Sort of a Roughneck Job

provides some of the funding for the research as does energy companies ...I have a sort of the type of job that the texas energy companies call a roughneck right now. I was down here visiting this girl I know and sort of fell into the job. Her Dad does not really like me much, but he hates this other guy she had been dating and so when he found out I was going back to Fort Smith AR, he sort of saw to it that I found this job or rather that it found me. Of course I was going to go back to Arkansas to get a job working in an office, but I never much cared for that really and this suits me pretty good. I like the fact that it is really manly work, the fact that you need to be really careful about what you are doing or you might go home without all of your original equipment. Of course you could potentially end up dead if you made a big mistake or if you just happened to be in the way if some piece of equipment happened to fail.

Obviously you can have an explosion with an oil well, or you could run into a pocket of really nasty gas that would kill you if it came up. I have seen a blowout already, but that did not seem to pose much of a threat. All of the safety stuff worked as it was supposed to work and it was just a bit messy until they got it under control. I am making good money at this, but I am not really sure how long it is going to last. You work on this stuff until the field is producing I guess and after that there are not any guarantees. I am still seeing that girl, but it is not working out that well really.

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A Measure of Success to Be Found

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Since I do a lot of my work from home, I really wanted a hobby that I could get into which would allow me to make some extra money on the side but wasn't going to be so time consuming that I wouldn't be able to explore other hobbies either. Investing seemed like the way to go! A friend of mine sent me the link for Investopedia which has been a huge boon in my quest to gain understanding on the subject of penny stocks and other forms of stocks. I found all kinds of resources that have been able to guide me to my first successes; I've made just under one thousand dollars this year alone from my investments of only two hundred dollars! It might not seem like a lot of money but to me, it's extra money I didn't even have to work for.

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Spent the Day in Make Up

I sort of got drafted into a job on the other side of the camera. Of course I was standing there with my drill and my tool bag, waiting for them to shout cut so I could get to work. However the director started staring at me and asked me to say something. They did not really ask me if I wanted to do it either, next thing I knew I was in the make up chair and this cute girl was rubbing stuff on my face. She said it was the best facial toner on amazon by far. It was mostly supposed to get my face clean I think, so that all this other stuff they put on me would adhere properly. I started to ask them what this job paid before I let them get me into the costume. I looked ridiculous and I was not really liking it either, but the pay was enough so that I was willing to put that aside.

I did not have to do too much in the scene. I was the tough guy, or one of them. Find A Great Deal More