Having the Power to Choose Our Electric Company is Freedom

Years ago when I lived on the eastern shore I got upset with the kilowatt hour rate of our power company. They kept asking the utility commission for higher rates. We kept getting higher and higher bills even when people were getting lower salaries. I said that it would be great if people had the power to choose their electric company. I said that because I knew that would drive competition and lower rates would happen. I did not get to see that until we moved to Texas.

I was pleasantly surprised when we bought our house in Texas that we could choose our electricity provider. When I was having the electricity, gas, phone and water turned on I was surprised when I saw that I had a choice. We picked an electricity supplier that had the lowest fixed rate. I did not want any variable rate surprises. I wanted the same per kilowatt hour rate from month to month. That way the bill would not have any spikes that might come along unexpectedly. We got a great rate by being able to pick the company that was best for us.

Since we moved here I found out that back where we used to live it finally came through so you can pick your own electricity supplier. I got really used to it here in Texas, and I almost forgot what it was like to not have it. If you do not have it where you are at, you are likely at the mercy of one provider and all of the rate hikes they can get away with concerning your electricity costs. Going for deregulation lets consumers choose who they want as far as an electricity service provider goes. I think it should be that way for anything you can buy. You should just be able to pick who you want rather than only having one choice.

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