I Watch More TV Than She Does

Even though I grew up with a TV in the house, I never saw the need to get one when I moved out on my own. When I met my girlfriend, I realized that she did not hold the same view of TV that I did. I ended up proposing to her, and she accepted. She told me that before she would move into my house though after we were married, I would need to make a few changes. Getting TV was the first on the list! I did a search for satellite TV in California to see what the best deal was as far as TV programming is concerned.

I looked at the different packages for DirecTV because they had the lowest prices, and I was actually surprised at some of the channels. When I grew up, we had maybe 30 channels or so on our TV. I had no idea that there are hundreds upon hundreds of channels now, and I liked the names of several of them. I have always been a football fan, and I liked that there is even a channel dedicated just to the NFL.

What really surprised me too is that I would be able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket since we are new customers. I have always went to a friend's house or a local bar to watch the games before, but I knew that I was going to enjoy seeing them from the comfort of my own living room for a change. We are now married and have been DirecTV subscribers for a few years now. My wife teases me that I watch even more TV than she does now. The truth is, she is right! It is hard to not want to watch it with the huge variety of programming that is available on DirecTV!

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