Setting Up the House to Live in

We got the place now and it is a lot bigger than the apartment. We need a lot of stuff to fill the place up. Of course both of us ae working now and in fact Ann has a better job than I do right now. She had a lot of foresight in planning her career and as soon as she got out of school there were companies competing to hire her. I am going to look at direct tv packages and find some really good internet too. In fact both of us sort of get a stipend for internet from the employers. For me I work from home about as much as I work at the office. The company does it to save on office space and I love it, because I get up and do my work in my pajama bottoms. In fact I am often done before I eat lunch. All I have to do is get up early enough and stay on the job, because I really waste a lot of time when I am in the office, but I do not have to watch the clock when I am at home. So I just get up and do the work, then I move on to something else.

Ann has a job in IT and so she has to be able to help people with their computer problems around the clock. In particular there are important people in the company who might be in London or in Shanghai, which obviously means that they could have a problem with their computers in the middle of the night here. They have to have someone able to help them and that requires a really good connection obviously. So we are basically going to get our internet mostly free of charge.

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I Had a Major Mouse Problem

I absolutely cannot stand insects or rodents. I have never been camping, and I have never lived in a rural setting. I know that this doesn't mean I can escape bugs and mice, but I can hope! Those hopes were dashed not long ago when there was evidence of a mouse in the house. Since I live on my own, I knew I was going to need some help. I did a search online for pest control in Brooklyn to find a company that would be able to come out and catch the mouse that had taken up residence in my house.

I was not only wanting him out, but I also wanted to know how he had gotten in in the first place. I don't live in an old, dilapidated building. My home is actually pretty new, but I realized quickly after the exterminator arrived that it doesn't mean they still cannot get in. The good news is that he told me he would be able to make sure they were gone and stayed out in the future. The bad news is that he told me that I definitely had more than one living in the house.

There was evidence that there was a large family of them, to him. He told me that there were probably both adult and baby mice living with me, and he set up the live traps that were necessary to get them out of the house. He also inspected my home to try and determine how they were getting in. He was able to pinpoint the exact location and take care of that too, so they would not come back in the future. I am just glad that they were able to get them out the way they did because even though I don't want them living with me, I didn't want them killed in my home either. It feels great to be living just by myself again!

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