A Famous Face at the Hotel

I had an interesting experience in the Cody Wyoming hotels a couple of months ago. I was staying in Wyoming for a convention, and in the hotel, I ran into a famous singer. She was staying there because she wanted to have a little getaway without anyone noticing. She had on a pair of sunglasses, a wig, and some baggy clothes to hide her appearance, but when I saw her, I instantly recognized her. I wanted to approach her, but I didn’t want to make a scene or annoy her, so I left her alone.

Later that day, I was having a drink at the hotel bar, and the singer sat right next to me and ordered a drink from the bartender. This was the perfect opportunity for me to strike up a conversation without making things uncomfortable. I turned to the singer and greeted her with a hello and a smile. She smiled back and said hi. I asked her if anyone had told her that she looked like a famous singer, and she said that she gets that all the time, because she is a famous singer. The singer said that she was taking a vacation for a few days and didn’t want anyone to see her. She asked me if I could keep her presence a secret, and I agreed.

The singer and I continued our conversation and talked about different things. We were laughing and having a good time, and I asked the singer if she wanted to watch a movie with me at one of the local movie theaters and she agreed. We went to see a horror movie, which the singer loved because horror is her favorite movie genre. The entire time she was scared and grabbing my arm. Eventually my convention was over and so was the singer’s vacation. We exchanged phone numbers and occasionally we talk to each other.

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