A Measure of Success to Be Found

delivers nathan gold penny stock egghead review pennystock egg headTrying to invest with little knowledge or experience is not something which I would recommend to anyone. I made this mistake myself after I was suggested I check out the penny stock egghead review that had popped up onto clickmediareviews.com. Don’t get me wrong, penny stocks are a fine way to invest money if you’re an experienced trader I’m sure. For me, though, with no experience to speak of and little in the way of understanding the complex terminologies used when trading, I fumbled and bumbled my way through making my first purchases of penny stocks which lead me to actually losing money on what should have been a fair return. Or so I thought, anyways. After losing the money that I had invested, I realized that this might not be for me – at least, not the me of now. Maybe the me that studied for a few months might be more apt to take up trading.

Since I do a lot of my work from home, I really wanted a hobby that I could get into which would allow me to make some extra money on the side but wasn’t going to be so time consuming that I wouldn’t be able to explore other hobbies either. Investing seemed like the way to go! A friend of mine sent me the link for Investopedia which has been a huge boon in my quest to gain understanding on the subject of penny stocks and other forms of stocks. I found all kinds of resources that have been able to guide me to my first successes; I’ve made just under one thousand dollars this year alone from my investments of only two hundred dollars! It might not seem like a lot of money but to me, it’s extra money I didn’t even have to work for.

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