Getting the House Ready for Winter

Just started to get started on winterizing the car and I am Getting the house ready for winter. It is going to require some work and I am going to have to hire a heating contractor in Bergen county NJ to do a big part of the task. The house had a boiler when I bought it and I knew that it was not ever going to make it through another winter. Aside from that I figured that switching to natural gas would be cheaper. I am not sure about the safety of all that fracking stuff they do, but the end result has been dirt cheap prices on liquid natural gas in the United States. It is a lot cheaper than heating with an oil furnace, especially if you are talking about a system that is as old as this thing is. I actually knew this guy who managed to get it out of the basement of the house for.

I knew this guy was the sort of go getter who would look at this scrap metal and think about the fact that he could make a few hundred bucks selling it to a junk yard. Me personally I would have thought about the fact that it was a really nasty old chunk of scrap metal and it would be a lot back breaking work to get it out of that basement and then drag it down to a junk yard to sell it for scrap. I would wonder if I would get stuck paying taxes on it, which they probably would since they have gotten a lot stricter about that sort of thing recently. Of course in the junk business you have a lot of stuff that is stolen from construction sites and other places where it is not closely watched.

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