More Diverse Cable Companies Are Better for the Market

For the past decade, there has been a brewing fight between digital cable and Satellite television. Who is the best? It’s a tight battle these days with satellite finally gaining in technology and improving the stability of their channels as well as offering more premium high definition channels than even cable is offering now but for myself and what I believe is for many others, one fact remains for us: cable Internet. I’ve been with cox tv for several years now with only one small interlude where I decided to see for myself what kind of Internet satellite was able to offer. It was cheaper and at the time, I was doing what I could with my bills to minimize the hit to my wallet every month. Unfortunately, satellite Internet turned out to be a bust and I quickly begged for forgiveness from Cox as I returned to their familiar digital Internet and blazing high speeds.

It’s a shame that Satellite Internet cannot compete with digital cable. I’m growing incredibly weary of watching Time Warner and Comcast slowly take over the country to become the sole provider(s) of Internet and television. It’s nothing short of a joke that they are even being considered to allow to go through with the merger which is clearly a violation of corporate rights and one step away from becoming a monopoly. They are two companies that have been voted the Worst Company in the United States multiple times and the Supreme Court, the DOJ and the FCC are willing to allow them to merge despite their clear control over cable Internet and television? Never mind the vast number of voters in the country who want nothing to do with this merger! It’s a sham plain and simple. If the merger is allowed, I will lose all faith.

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