Spent the Day in Make Up

I sort of got drafted into a job on the other side of the camera. Of course I was standing there with my drill and my tool bag, waiting for them to shout cut so I could get to work. However the director started staring at me and asked me to say something. They did not really ask me if I wanted to do it either, next thing I knew I was in the make up chair and this cute girl was rubbing stuff on my face. She said it was the best facial toner on amazon by far. It was mostly supposed to get my face clean I think, so that all this other stuff they put on me would adhere properly. I started to ask them what this job paid before I let them get me into the costume. I looked ridiculous and I was not really liking it either, but the pay was enough so that I was willing to put that aside.

I did not have to do too much in the scene. I was the tough guy, or one of them.

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